Bradel binding, 106 pages, 2016

The title is extracted from the book « The Secret manual of the Confessor » that dates back the end of the 19th century, and last published in 1968, the year of the Sexual Revolution in France. It’s a guide written by and for priests explaining how to deal with the sexual life and troubles of the worshippers, especially the young girls that are will attend their first Communion. It means that they promise to dedicate their existence to God and virtue. From a dozen of photographs of Communion rituals that I found in my Grandma’s archives, I realized a morphing flipbook. It has the appearance of a Roman missal, identical of the one they hold in their hands on these pictures. My family used to be Catholic, but my parents as atheists decided not to give me a religious education. All these events are foreign to me. By searching in these archives, I began to be obsessed by the classification of all these rituals such as baptism, marriage, death notifications… The repetition of the act, the same attitude, posture, items, graphics. The pictures are totally overlaid and the silhouettes scroll by in a ghostly and uncanny way.

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