155 x 180 mm, spiral binding, 120 pages, printed in Strasbourg, 2017-2018

Collective writing with Anouk Marilleau, Arthur Ménard and Eden Lefevre.

After attending the first debate of the seminar « Feminist Writing », we had the idea for this book. We noticed that there was a real imbalance of speaking out publicly amongst the participants. One part of the audience was involved enthousiastically, some of them dared to speak out timidly about what was bothering them in their everyday lives, and the third group didn’t say a a single word.

Obviously, we do not have the same engagement nor knowledge. They are so many different types of attitudes toward politics, depending on one’s experience, thus producing conflicting personal commitment and awareness. By dedicating myself to this project, an essential practice in the context of an art school, I had two concerns :

– Exiting the binary struggle that restrict the oppression between men and women. Institutionalized feminism in France rarely mentions anything related to race, class and religion. It was naturally an obligation in this context to introduce anti-racism and post-colonial theory, that is inextricable of my vision of feminism. Even by writing collectively, we couldn’t pretend to an absolute intersectionnality, but there was an emergency to show the plurality of the contemporary fights, who is concerned, targeted or valorized.

– This book is calling for participative reading and enhancement, since it can circulate from hand to hand, including a section for eventual personal interraction and the possibility to get in touch with the authors. It has a role of vocabulary and analysis tool that helps to follow any debate around feminist issues.

The title BINGO is inspired by the way masculinist online networks used this game to despise stereotyped feminist speech. During a debate on a forum, the more predictable words pronounced by your enemy, the more points you gain and you can tick all your boxes on your game board. We wanted to turn tables on this situation by creating a positive concept of the Bingo.


18 janvier 2018