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Micro-publishing workshop led during SAW Sofia Art Week, July 2019, Sofia.

Participants : Jieun Jung, Megan Shaw, Paula Kohlmann, Sabrina Schray, Severin Hallauer, Sophia Dias.

Panacea, 33 pages, A5, B&W laser, 8 copies, printed in Sofia.


« Panacea is a combination of two Greek words: ‘pan’ meaning ‘all’, and ‘akos’ meaning ‘remedy’.

It is derived from the Greek ‘panakes’, which means ‘all-healing’. In Greek mythology, Panakeia was the goddess of universal healing; she was believed to have a potion that would cure any sickness or disease.

The word panacea is a noun that refers to the concept of a cure-all, something that will comprehensively resolve a problematic situation. Throughout the Middle Ages and into the Renaissance, many of the same alchemists who hoped to create an elixir for eternal life or to find a stone that would turn ordinary metal into gold also worked to discover the panacea — a medicine they believed would have the power to cure any disease. That remedy, of course, was never discovered, and so the word panacea evolved as a way to criticize the notion of a complete solution to a problem. (…) » Source : Macmillian Dictionnary.


Ancestral medecine

Source of healing power in our own home countries

Parapsychic experiment through the different times

Family stories and displacement

Intergenerational knowledge transmission

Graphic and paper design for micro-publishing

Sorority space



10-12 AM

Meeting point at Lavov Most and departure in taxi for Malashevtsi.

Visit of bitaka (fleamarket) : photographs, purchasing.

Focus on ancient cults, religious icons, archeology,  astrology, symbols, traditional textiles and other crafts.

— This visit was not mandatory for the participation to the workshop. —

15-18 PM

Meeting point at Port.A gallery.

Presentation of the publication project « Panacea »

Discussing about personal stories, and how to transcribe them for the project.

Gathering the materials collected in the morning, and also what the other participants brought.

Writing session.

Thinking about the structure and the shape of the publication.