My books are emergency answers to particular situations : developing tactics in a foreign environment, and collaborating with the local publishing and printing institutions, that can eventually lead to new friendships and collective projects. My work is informed by a lengthy collection process involving fieldwork, as well as the analyzation, deconstruction, and criticism of pertinent research. Participative books, archive- books, forbidden books. I draw my inspiration from the Xerox philosophy, a movement to democratize information by quickly and cheaply reproducing open-source documents.

Since 2014 I’ve been working as a student at the artist’s books workshop under the direction of Ju-Young Kim at the HEAR.




*Publishing project for a group exhibition with Hervé Youmbi at La Chaufferie, Strasbourg, February-March



*Book design for « Becoming the Other, a self guide » a publishing project by Æther, and participation in  Soft Power Palace Festival, Stuttgart, Germany, from 08/11-11/11/2018,

*Bookbinding internship at Atelier Ju-Young Kim, Strasbourg, July

*Participation in « Là où les vents se croisent », at Syndicat Potentiel, from 22/06-08/07

*Master Graduation DNSEP« Art-Objet Livre » with the highest honour, Strasbourg, 14/07

*Participation in « Други / Others » represented by Æther, at Sofia City Art Gallery, Sofia, 31/05-20/06

*Participation in « Futuribles, Arts et Politique du Futur », at Artothèque, Strasbourg, May

*Participation in « PPP Pane Per Poveri » with Voin de Voin, at Supportico Lopez, Berlin, 16-18/03

*Workshop with Hervé Youmbi at the HEAR, Strasbourg, March


*Participation in « Sofia Art Book Fair », at Cosmos Co-working Camp, Sofia, 23-24/09

*Participation in « Sofia Underground Performance Art Festival » with Barnar Yasmina, Sofia, April

*« Niglo » solo show and artist talk at Æther in June

*Internship at Æther with Voin de Voin, Sofia, 01-30/06

*Participation in « The Future was here » group exhibition at Æther, Sofia, February

*Exchange semester in Illustration MA at the Sofia National Academy of Art , February-May



*Bachelor graduation DNAP (National Visual Art Diploma) with distinction « Quality production » at the Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin, Strasbourg, June

*Participation in « Editions à la Marge » group exhibition at Syndicat Potentiel, Strasbourg, June

*« Papier Dominoté » group exhibition with Charles Kalt, Didier Kiefer and Ju Young Kim, Drusenheim, May

*Volunteering at « Sofia Underground Performance Art Festival », Sofia, 18-24/04

*Traditional bookbinding and documents restoration internship with Aude Fuchs at L’Atelier de Papier, Strasbourg, 25-29/01



*Participation in « No(w) Future » group exhibition with Charles Kalt at Le Séchoir, Mulhouse, 05/06-14/07



*Pop-up workshop with Bernard Duisit (paper engineer) at the Book Studio of the HEAR, Strasbourg, October



*Admission in first year at the Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin, Strasbourg

*A Level in Economics and Sociology



*Internship at « Bunker Palace » Webdesign Agency, Dudelange (Lux), 02-05/04.



*Council of Europe Level B1 Diploma in the Cambridge English Certificate



*Goethe-Zertifikat B1 Deutsch Zeugnis Diploma




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